A Book in a Month – Day 23

Writing a Book

Writing a book in a month!

A good day today with a couple of hours writing this morning, a long lunch at a smokehouse and a couple of hours in the afternoon. The cover artist continues to blow my mind to the point that I’ve actually completed the cover myself and sent it to him for some creative flair. I have a suspicion it’ll come back to me looking worse than when I sent it. I wonder if it is only me the universe chooses to confound so! The 50K NaNoWriMo target for this challenge is long gone, and I’m relaxing into it now. Two more days of writing remain, and I have the closing couple of sections mapped out in my mind. I’m quite looking forward to bringing it home.

Day 23

As you may recall from Part 1, the twenty-third day of the challenge for book writing month is writing day number 19. 2,605 words have been written, and we’re well into the home stretch. A section on all the left-field, weird and wonderful things musicians can make money with is now completed, and I’m into wrapping it up. The current section in progress details a modern musician’s distributed income over a typical month, sketching my various suggestions and recommendations into reality. We’re now at 55,789 words, and if I was going to bet I think it’ll go just a touch beyond 60K by the close.

In Conclusion

Day 23 finished, and quite a relaxed schedule. I have been happier with today, demonstrating that a couple of thousand words a day is a nice pace, much more than that and I don;t have any time to really enjoy the process, and it feels an awful lot like work. The cover I feel is going to trouble me in the coming days, and may yet end up delaying final publication. I’ll try to keep the faith and see what comes. I’m very excited for you to join me on this journey, so subscribe to be kept up to date. Leave a comment or head for Facebook and Twitter if you prefer, as well as our other social media networks from the links in the menu above. Check back on the self-publishing section to get more insights, as well as the Book Month category to catch up on anything you’ve missed over the days.