A Book in a Month – Day 24

Write Hassle

A Write Hassle!

So, I was up until midnight last night arguing with a guy over a book cover design that was plainly never to be – and no matter how precise my requests were, he just couldn’t manage it. I canceled the order, he’s threatening to sue me if I use any of the design elements I SENT HIM! Wow… a write hassle! The 50K NaNoWriMo target for this challenge is long gone, and another couple of thousand words got added. Only one day of writing left, and I’ve had to spend half of today designing my own cover!

Day 24

As you may recall from Part 1, the twenty-fourth day of the challenge for book writing month is writing day number 20. 2,073 words have been written, and it’s the penultimate day. A section detailing a modern musician’s distributed income over a typical month, sketching my various suggestions and recommendations into reality has now been completed. And I’ve done 4 drafts of a book cover that I’m canvassing opinion on having found a template on the Internet. I figure if the guy trying to get money out of me can do it, I’m sure I can… and it turns out I can! We’re now at 57,862 words, and all that remains is a wrap-up paragraph tomorrow.

In Conclusion

Day 24 finished, and I spent most of it designing a cover! Those freelancer sites look like a cheap and decent option, but they’re really really not! Still, I quite like I will have done 100% of this myself, so good or bad… it’s all down to me. I’m very excited for you to join me on this journey, so subscribe to be kept up to date. Leave a comment or head for Facebook and Twitter if you prefer, as well as our other social media networks from the links in the menu above. Check back on the self-publishing section to get more insights, as well as the Book Month category to catch up on anything you’ve missed over the days.