A Book in a Month – Day 25

A Book Written in a Month!

I’ve got to admit there were several times along this journey where I wasn’t sure I’d get this far, but finally the last day of writing is complete! Well, the last day of blasting material down is completed, we still have three days of rewriting and two of editing to go, but I’m not going to let that ruin my sense of accomplishment. The 50K NaNoWriMo target for this challenge is long gone, and another couple of thousand words got added. The cover design is complete minus spine width based on page count, and I’m happy I’ve taken care of that myself… I now know I can! Getting a book written in a month is quite a challenge, but surely I’m into the home stretch now…?

Day 25

As you may recall from Part 1, the twenty-fifth day of the challenge for book writing month is the final day of writing! 2,419 words have been written, and that (at least for now) is that. The book has been wrapped up, in terms of ‘Yay, it’s finished’ and I’ve created something to wrap it with. Having decided this is the start of a series, I have also mocked up the next three covers and completed eBook and 3D box images for them. A whole new set of talents that two days ago I had no idea I had – thanks annoying cover design guy! Another milestone has passed and we’re now at 60,281words, so we’ll see how the rewrite and edit impacts that final count.

In Conclusion

Day 25 finished, and over sixty thousand words written all in! Covers designed as well as logos, title page and verso information. ISBN barcode and all the fun things you can read about in the self-publishing section. I’m very excited for you to join me on this journey, so subscribe to be kept up to date. Leave a comment or head for Facebook and Twitter if you prefer, as well as our other social media networks from the links in the menu above. Check back on the self-publishing section to get more insights, as well as the Book Month category to catch up on anything you’ve missed over the days.