A Book in a Month – Day 30 & Finale

Book finished in a Month

A Book Finished in a Month!

What a crazy trip it’s been! Concept complete, planning complete, writing complete, rewrite complete and editing complete. Not to mention a website and covers for paperback and eBook! The finished manuscript is now with the typesetter being arranged nicely on the page. Too late to worry about the content now! The 50K NaNoWriMo target has been hit comfortably, and although there were plenty of times I didn’t think I’d make it, we got the book finished in a month!

Day 30

As you may recall from Part 1, the thirtieth and final day of the challenge for book writing month is the final day of editing. The final day of everything!. The final 20 pages have been tweaked and the word count dropped again by 95. The final word count is 60,322, and the book is off with the typesetter as I type. I might even treat myself to a day off tomorrow! I have tweaked colours on the cover again, and I think I’m happy – in the 6″x9″ form-factor I have selected it is all nicely readable, and I think stands out from the other books in the category. Once listed, I will provide links to the book, as well as information on sales over time. You will also find the book on www.mmimusicbooks.com – work in progress right now, but it’ll be ready soon.

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In Conclusion

Day 30 finished. The whole ****** exercise completed! a book finished in a month, and thanks be for that! I guess I’ll probably miss how busy I’ve been for the past month, and it’ll be fun seeing whether the effort was worthwhile – I already feel it has been. Thanks so much for joining me on this journey. Leave a comment or head for Facebook and Twitter if you prefer, as well as our other social media networks from the links in the menu above. Check back on the self-publishing section to get more insights, as well as the Book Month category to catch up on anything you’ve missed over the days. Check out www.makemoneyinmusic.net for ongoing news on sales and successes, to establish whether writing a book in a month is worthwhile to you!