A Book in a Month – Day 25

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A Book Written in a Month! I’ve got to admit there were several times along this journey where I wasn’t sure I’d get this far, but finally the last day of writing is complete! Well, the last day of blasting material down is completed, we still have three days of rewriting and two of editing to go, but I’m not going to let that ruin myRead Now

A Book in a Month – Day 24

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Write Hassle

A Write Hassle! So, I was up until midnight last night arguing with a guy over a book cover design that was plainly never to be – and no matter how precise my requests were, he just couldn’t manage it. I canceled the order, he’s threatening to sue me if I use any of the design elements I SENT HIM! Wow… a write hassle! TheRead Now

A Book in a Month – Day 23

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Writing a Book

Writing a book in a month! A good day today with a couple of hours writing this morning, a long lunch at a smokehouse and a couple of hours in the afternoon. The cover artist continues to blow my mind to the point that I’ve actually completed the cover myself and sent it to him for some creative flair. I have a suspicion it’ll comeRead Now

A Book in a Month – Day 22

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Write a book

Write a book in a month! A slower day today, punctuated by appointments with an accountant, a software developer and (fittingly give book subject matter) a guitar student looking to set himself up for publishing books! I have managed to add a couple of thousand words to the total, and I can feel myself coming to the end, which is just as well with only 3Read Now

A Book in a Month – Day 21

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Complete a book in a month

Complete a book in a month! Today was an unexpected day off work and frankly an absolute belter. Interesting in that I have written way more today than any previous day, yet the total has barely increased owing to another getting ahead cheat edit and re-write. I felt I needed a bit of a break from writing so I decided to revisit some of theRead Now

A Book in a Month – Day 20

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Complete a book in 30 Days! Day 20. Sunday. And difficult once again to fit the writing in around the inevitable chores and other priorities that fill the day. A somewhat lacklustre day in terms of writing totals, but the words that were written included a more detailed plan for the final sections which I hope will aid their completion. I am shifting concern fromRead Now