Being a modern author

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Modern Author

The trials of the Modern Author Survival as a modern author is no small task. After 30 days of writing the two weeks that followed have been spent on covers, interior layouts, publishing with three on demand outlets, talking with retailers and arranging stock in real-world stores. Notable moments include: The cover designer who took my design, did nothing with it and offered the threatRead Now


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Make Money in Music – Published! Serious Update! The book has now been published and available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats worldwide: Make Money in Music Without Being a Star! Layout clearly was completed eventually, and files accepted by Amazon. Ingram had a separate set of requirements for covers in different formats and epub files for eBook that again differed from Amazon. IRead Now

Self-Publishing – Amazon Trials

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Self-Publishing – Amazon Trials Hello again. Progress continues on the new website –, and the layout of the book is finally complete. Turns out, however, that my self-publishing guide needs an update! I had forgotten just how much fun it is getting the Amazon process completed. Once all the sections are completed, I uploaded my cover and book text PDFs, and waited the regulationRead Now

YOU can write a book in a month!

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Write a Book in a Month

YOU can write a book in a month! Write a book in a month? It might sound impossible, but it isn’t. Every November hundreds of thousands of people do exactly that by taking part in NaNoWriMo — “(inter)National Novel Writing Month”. Their website shows in excess of 8million words written during the 2016 challenge, with entrants aiming to write 50,000 words in the course ofRead Now

Self-Publishing – Distribution

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Self-Publishing – Distribution Once you have completed the setup and proofing stage of Print on Demand via CreateSpace and Ingram, you’re on to distribution. Getting your book into physical and online stores is Amazon Amazon runs CreateSpace, and Amazon will be your primary route to market. It will come as no surprise that many of the distribution options are Amazon-centric. Assuming your book is printedRead Now

Self-Publishing – Print on Demand Setup

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For Print on Demand setup both Amazon and Ingram require you to register as a publisher, unless you are taking advantage of one of their suitable self-publishing services. They can take care of pretty much everything for you, but if you take the option you will not have as much control. It will also cost you more, and as I said in a previous article you’reRead Now