Self-Publishing 101

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You’ve written a book! Cool! But what’s next? Writington is here for you. We’ve got good news and bad news – the bad news is we’ve got a way to go before your masterpiece is available to the world, but the good news is the hardest part was writing your book… and you’re here because you’re looking at self-publishing, right? OK. Up until around 10Read Now

Extreme Editing

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So, you may have noticed I like to write. My friends will tell you I like to talk. It will come as no surprise to you that I’m not really a big fan of editing, and there are two basic areas I could offer by way of explanation: Just like live music, the purest form of written art is found in a single take. TheRead Now

Rounding Character – Challenging Expectations

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Making stereotypical characters more rounded with the addition of contradictory elements Characters can seem one-dimensional, particularly in the writing of a less experienced author. An easy way to provide depth is by making a character more complicated, conflicted, contradictory. Human traits make fictional characters more believable, because they become more like real people. For the purposes of my example, I’m going to sketch out aRead Now

Inspirational Ideas – Radio

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Finding Inspiration – Radio One of my favourite things to challenge myself with when I’m struggling for inspiration is to take whatever is right in front of you. Two people talking, the view out of your window, something on the television. My real favourite is the radio, simply because you can double the intensity of the challenge by hitting the ‘search’ button on the radio,Read Now

First Impressions

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first impressions

Judging a book by its cover We’re told this is a bad thing, but first impressions can be powerful. The negative connotations in real life can become strengths in writing, where without strong first impressions you will be unlikely to hold the attention of a reader long enough to craft a second. For the example exercise below, I was sat in a cafe – andRead Now

Transposition of self

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Transposition of Self

Selfless portraits It can be daunting for new writers to develop characters. Accounts of the endless mocking of a blank page abound. Transposition of self is a powerful technique for building character – combining the comfort of the familiar with the otherness of strangers. Take a person you know well (if could even be you!) and change one major aspect, for example their gender, ageRead Now