Being a modern author

Modern Author

The trials of the Modern Author

Survival as a modern author is no small task. After 30 days of writing the two weeks that followed have been spent on covers, interior layouts, publishing with three on demand outlets, talking with retailers and arranging stock in real-world stores. Notable moments include:

  • The cover designer who took my design, did nothing with it and offered the threat of negative book reviews when I sought to cancel. Nice.
  • Amazon deleting the book from their catalogue in response to the eBook being listed…?
  • The eBook inexplicably including broken images, despite the source file and their preview tool indicating it was perfect (now fixed).
  • Amazon reducing the price of the paperback for no reason (seriously, it’s still £2.60 cheaper than the price nominated… no idea why).
  • Being invited to speak with buyers at one of the biggest book retailers in the UK!

AND – The book has reached the top ten on Amazon (Kindle)! currently sitting at number 8, as well as being the number one ‘Hot New Release’ and making it in to the top 100 business books. Not bad! I’ve almost gone mad getting here, but the destination is beginning to show promise. The book is now available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, WH Smith, Wordery and several UK music shops, with discussions ongoing. The website has steadily gathered traction and an audience, and things in general appear to be going well. All in all, pretty good for day seven of the book being on sale, day two for the Kindle.

Worth it?

Having re-acquainted myself with the trials and tribulations of the modern author, anyone attempting it has my respect. It is hard work. Really hard work. but is it worth it? When you see your name in print out in the world and you’re holding that book in your hand… you’re damn right it is! Making a few quid as well? Fantastic. This whole blog started in hopes of spurring those with a writer within on to something great, and I’m surprised it gave me such a kick to write another book. But I’m really glad it did!


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