A Book in a Month – Day 28

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A Complete Book in 30 days

A Complete Book in 30 Days! Another day. Another sniffly, sniffly day! The review phase is now completed, all random typos / words I invented and horrible repetitions I can’t explain resolved. I’ve handed over to a typesetter now for some advice, and finished work on the cover. The 50K NaNoWriMo target has been hit comfortably, even allowing for modest loss during the rewrite and edit phases. WritingRead Now

A Book in a Month – Day 27

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A Complete Book in a Month

A Complete Book in a Month! Another day, another drama! I still have a cold, and spent half the day in hospital – a little more stressful than Sunday is supposed to be! The review phase continues, and whilst not as much book has been processed as yesterday I’m still broadly on course, though with more to do tomorrow to round it out. The 50K NaNoWriMo targetRead Now

A Book in a Month – Day 26

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book written in 30 days

A Book Written in 30 Days! Well, I had a good innings… but we’ve arrived at day 26 and I’ve got a cold! I’m not feeling fantastic, but day one of re-writing went to schedule. Not quite as much fun as the writing, but I am relieved to find that what I ploughed through initially hangs together well, and I think I’m pretty happy withRead Now

A Book in a Month – Day 25

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A Book Written in a Month! I’ve got to admit there were several times along this journey where I wasn’t sure I’d get this far, but finally the last day of writing is complete! Well, the last day of blasting material down is completed, we still have three days of rewriting and two of editing to go, but I’m not going to let that ruin myRead Now

A Book in a Month – Day 24

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Write Hassle

A Write Hassle! So, I was up until midnight last night arguing with a guy over a book cover design that was plainly never to be – and no matter how precise my requests were, he just couldn’t manage it. I canceled the order, he’s threatening to sue me if I use any of the design elements I SENT HIM! Wow… a write hassle! TheRead Now

A Book in a Month – Day 23

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Writing a Book

Writing a book in a month! A good day today with a couple of hours writing this morning, a long lunch at a smokehouse and a couple of hours in the afternoon. The cover artist continues to blow my mind to the point that I’ve actually completed the cover myself and sent it to him for some creative flair. I have a suspicion it’ll comeRead Now