Poetry – Inhabit


When I think of the place I inhabit
I’m struck by the strangeness of space
So far from the places, I knew in my youth
The world has a scarier face
Streets where I’m no longer welcome
Perhaps never welcome before
A cold and indifferent world, each way I turn
Sometimes I don’t want any more
Searching in vain for my solace
Crave silence; find chaos instead
Even in solitude, never alone
No stopping the voice in my head

*For the Daily Prompt, Inhabit


I’m not sure where I inhabit – mind and body often being in different places. I am also yet to decide on which of my narrators to trust, since I’m running at least 19 simultaneous inner monologues! This piece ticks the ‘one take‘ box – a writing style I enjoy where I take an idea and run with it, no editing. Like live music, this is to me the purest form of written expression. Inelegant? Maybe. Room for improvement? Certainly. But it takes all the pressure off! Why not have a go yourself – leave us a comment or head for Facebook and Twitter if you prefer, as well as our other social media networks from the links in the menu above.