Make Money in Music – Published!

Serious Update! The book has now been published and available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats worldwide: Make Money in Music Without Being a Star! Layout clearly was completed eventually, and files accepted by Amazon. Ingram had a separate set of requirements for covers in different formats and epub files for eBook that again differed from Amazon. I used Calibre to gather the epub file together, which was again as a result of a disappointing experience with a ‘specialist’. Repeated simple requests ignored or not interpreted correctly, and to my surprise (not really) I’ve ended up doing it myself. And now we once again wait for the seemingly industry standard 24-hours, this time for Ingram. Progress continues on the new website –, with word spreading slowly and an increasing number of people happening upon the book. Nice to see it resonate with people so quickly.

The Proof

Following my own advice in Self-Publishing 101, I’ve requested a physical copy of the book for review, which is due to arrive tomorrow. However, I also ignored my own advice utterly and approved the book for sale based on the digital proof… so my proof copy will arrive the same day as my ‘official’ one. Exciting times! I’ve also organised the book with Neilsen, registering it in both formats with the main catalogue distributor in the UK, so soon the book will be available to Waterstones, WHSmith and all major retailers!

Make Money in Music

The Facebook campaign gathered some interest, and enquiries have started coming which is nice. The book looks good on the screen, and tomorrow I can compare with a copy in hand before sending it off to the British Library for posterity… which is again kinda cool! Please check out for ongoing news on sales and successes, and to establish whether writing a book in a month is worthwhile to you!