Self-Publishing 101


You’ve written a book!

Cool! But what’s next? Writington is here for you. We’ve got good news and bad news – the bad news is we’ve got a way to go before your masterpiece is available to the world, but the good news is the hardest part was writing your book… and you’re here because you’re looking at self-publishing, right?

OK. Up until around 10 years ago your options for self-publishing were pretty limited. There were a few small publishers willing to complete small print runs for a few thousand pounds/dollars or [insert your local currency here]. You could set yourself up as a publisher – technically self-publishing, but a TON of work. Or, you could print yourself and do as best you could.

There have been several improvements over the years, print on demand, or POD, being key amongst them. But everything really changed in 2007. The e-book revolutionised the industry and created new routes to market for experienced and novice authors alike. Today, most self-publishing authors get the majority of their sales in the e-book format. Most book sales today happen through Amazon, which probably surprises nobody. Ever.

Self-publishing @ Amazon

Thanks to Amazon tools like CreateSpace, hundreds of thousands of authors are publishing their works right now. They are doing everything themselves from typesetting and printing on demand using Amazon tools, to organising distribution and marketing via the CreateSpace platform. It is possible to turn a PDF of your new book into to a paid Kindle download in a matter of minutes.

As always though, the quickest way is not necessarily the best, or at least in this case the most complete. The Writington self-publishing 101 section will include guides to all elements of self-publishing, with advice on how to do things right from people who know. People who have walked that walk will talk the talk.

Self-Publishing Guide Sections

  1. Options and Recommendations
  2. How to Publish (Printing)
  3. ISBNs and Barcodes
  4. Print on Demand Setup
  5. Distribution

Check back soon

I’m building this guide from my own experience of what works and what doesn’t, and anything worth having is worth waiting for, right? I’m going as fast as I can and the links for the various elements will continue to appear. In the meantime, please browse my many other articles for inspiration. Let me if you have any questions – leave a comment or head for Facebook and Twitter if you prefer, as well as our other social media networks from the links in the menu above. I’ll do my best to answer in the meantime.