Self-Publishing – Amazon Trials


Self-Publishing – Amazon Trials

Hello again. Progress continues on the new website –, and the layout of the book is finally complete. Turns out, however, that my self-publishing guide needs an update! I had forgotten just how much fun it is getting the Amazon process completed. Once all the sections are completed, I uploaded my cover and book text PDFs, and waited the regulation (yet seemingly unnecessary) 24 hours for review, only for the cover to be rejected on the following grounds:

  • The text extended in to the trim area (it didn’t!)
  • The background image not extending beyond the trim area (it did!)

So, a frustrated email to Amazon with a cover image to which I added the template image to demonstrate why their evaluation was incorrect… and another 24 hour wait. The response, ‘Yes, your file is in review and we will confirm within the next 24 hours officially, but I can tell you your cover is acceptable’. Another 24 hour wait then, but great!

The Proof

Following my own advice in Self-Publishing 101, I’ve requested a physical copy of the book for review, which I am told will arrive in 4 days – something like $9 for three books to be created, and another $21 for any postage option that takes less than a month… but hey ho. You will eventually find the book on, and I now have the hardback plan underway as well for a few people that helped me along the way, and maybe some numbered copies on the off-chance it becomes the stuff of legend! Better to be prepared eh!

Make Money in Music

I’ve now started a bit of an advertising campaign on Facebook to get the good word out. Please check out for ongoing news on sales and successes, and to establish whether writing a book in a month is worthwhile to you!