Self-Publishing Options and Recommendation


Self-Publishing Options and the Writington Recommendation

There are three basic self-publishing options available for bringing your book to market. Each has various nuances, but the high-level view:

  1. Do EVERYTHING It can be a learning curve, but it is enormously rewarding.
  2. Do as many things yourself as you wish, or are able to, and outsource the rest to third parties as necessary.
  3. Pay a specialist company to ‘self-publish’ on your behalf. Takes the ‘self’ out of self-publishing.

Obviously, the decision is entirely yours, but I’d recommend the middle option ‘2’ for a first-timer. You can attempt pretty much anything yourself and if it isn’t fun, takes too long or the results are not what you want you can find a suitable expert at a cost and timescale you find acceptable. Writington offers a service to streamline the process for you, which you are welcome to contact me to hear more about, but I still recommend doing as much yourself as possible. It’s fun!

The basic elements you need to handover to a Print On Demand supplier are a finished and formatted book in PDF format and a Cover image, often also as a PDF. For the purposes of this guide, I’ll assume you’ve got the book written The following will help with the rest.

Hiring Experts

An author with no experience would typically expect to hire some help with the following elements to self-publish:

  • Editing: I’ve had high quality, quick and good value results from NoBabble.
  • Layout: I’ve used the guys above for layout as well, but I favour reviewing similar texts and doing your own layout work as far as possible.
  • Covers: I’ve used Bespoke Bookcovers and can recommend them. They produce covers for print and e-books and are good at working with people to deliver their vision.     
  • Proofing: I’ve listed this separately to editing, as it may be worth having your final submission proofed before print. Content, layout, covers, title and title verso pages. ISBN and suitable barcode are on the back (wait, what? – we’ll get to it) and so on. Again, I have had I’ve had good results from NoBabble.

The next section will explain the process of self-publishing once you have print-ready text and a cover.

Self-Publishing – How to Publish (Print)


The self-publishing options listed above are a good foundation, though of course there is a great deal more information available from various sources. We have an opinion based on experience but ‘your mileage may vary’, as they say. Let us know how you get on – leave a comment or head for Facebook and Twitter if you prefer, as well as our other social media networks from the links in the menu above. Check back on the self-publishing section to get more insights!