Welcome to Writington ™, a home for all writers, as well as a trove of information on all things writing. Founded by authors, for authors. To us, the label of ‘writer’ says more than ‘I write’ – it is a lifestyle, a state of mind, an identity, an escape, a necessity… and so much more.

I hated reading as a child, but turned that into an honours degree from a top UK university. Then I started working in technology, so perhaps Writington ™ is the logical conclusion. A nice clear example of the philosophy this site expounds – to be yourself, to speak with your voice, to tell only the stories you can tell. Just as there is no bad music, merely ears unused to particular structures, so there is no bad writing. There is a great deal of interesting writing in the world, but that doesn’t make it bad. Your Mum might not like your writing. That doesn’t have to mean any more to you than my Nan hating my earrings means to me.

If you’re looking for information on self-publishing, the publishing business, dealing with agents, distribution and royalties; you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you’re looking for guides and ‘how to’ step-by-steps to break into a new genre, Writington is here for you. If you’re going insane with writer’s block there is nothing better than some fresh material for inspiration.

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